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The Southport Beach House sits along Lake Michigan in the southeastern corner of Kenosha, a medium-sized city in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin. Not far from the Illinois border, Kenosha is a lakeshore community with a long industrial and commercial history dating to the earliest era of settlement in Wisconsin.


Recently, due to migration from the Chicago area, whose northern suburbs are only about 30 miles away, Kenosha has seen a large influx of new residents, many of whom commute to the Chicago area. A commuter rail link and easy access to Interstate 94 makes such a commute possible.


This influx of new residents has meant considerable development of some areas on the outskirts of the city, but there has been less of an impact on the older part of the city, itself. The most significant new development of the older city has been redevelopment of the lakeshore, just east of downtown. This area, once the site of a large industrial complex, has been and is currently being developed into residential housing and expanded harbor facilities.

About two miles south of this lakefront development is the large Southport Park. The 29-acre park was added to the city of Kenosha in two sections. In 1928, 25 acres were purchased for the park and in 1934, a donation from Mrs. W. H. Alford increased the park area to almost 37 acres. However, eight acres have been removed from the park since its initial acquisition. Because of its late acquisition, it was one of the last parks to be developed and almost all of the park work was done during the mid to late 1930s using the federal government's work relief program, the WPA. The Southport Beach House was finished duringthe late years of the program, 1939-1940 and is currently listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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The Southport Park Association of Kenosha is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic coastal public spaces for the enjoyment of future generations. Your support allows us to continue our legacy of vibrant community parks.

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