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The Southport Park Association of Kenosha is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic coastal public spaces for the enjoyment of future generations. Your support allows us to continue our legacy of vibrant community parks.

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Kenosha Bike Valet

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Piorier


The Kenosha Bike Valet brought to you by Southport Park Association, allows cyclists to ride their bikes to Kenosha HarborMarket and park safely while shopping and exploring Downtown Kenosha. This free service is operated by community volunteers. Cyclists park their bikes on special racks in the bike corral, which is in a secure, safe area.




Our Sponsors:


What is the Kenosha Bike Valet? It’s like a coat check for bikes — completely hassle-free and secure!   We’ll tag your bike with a numbered band and give you a matching numbered wristband. Go enjoy the market! Bring back your wristband when you want your bike returned. Pretty simple.


Is it safe?  Absolutely! No need to worry, our volunteers take pride in keeping your bicycle safe while you are out enjoying yourself, because we know how important it is. However, it’s up to you to keep your ticket safe.     


Can I leave my stuff with my bike? Definitely.  Because we can’t inventory your accessories, we can’t be responsible for them, but anything securely attached to your bike will be safe.


Do I need a lock?

We ask that you do not lock your bicycle. The site is secure and attended at all times. If you have your lock with you, you’re welcome to leave it with your bike if you don’t want to lug it around.


What if I can’t get back in time to pick up my bike?

When you take your wristband, you’re agreeing to our service terms. If you’re not back to pick up your bike 30 minutes (or otherwise posted time) after the market has ended, you will have to text message the Volunteer Coordinator to make arrangements to pick up your bike. If we do not hear from you, we will lock it in our storage space until we can coordinate its safe return.


Is it really free? That’s right, FREE! How are we able to offer this service to cyclists free of charge? We have some amazing sponsors that contributed funds for startup costs. Don’t forget to thank them on your way out!  

Can I help at the valet? Yes, of course! You can easily signup for a valet volunteer shift here: contact us.




CONVENIENT – currently there is very limited bicycle parking around Harbor Market. Our Valet space has a prime spot just west of the market. This will make it easier for you to shop at the market. Riding your bike reduces traffic and parking congestion. Bypass the crowded parking lots and drop off your bike and enjoy the event. By riding your bike, you’re being environmentally friendly.  Transportations is a significant piece of an event’s carbon footprint.  Biking is an efficient, zero-carbon trip method.


FRIENDLY – Our awesome volunteers just want to help you and your bicycle and maybe have a chat about our amazing lakefront, provided they’re not too busy parking bicycles!


SPONSORS -  Don’t forget to show your appreciation to our generous sponsors and volunteers! If you’d like to become a sponsor you can fill out a Sponsor Packet here: