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See your purchases go further and make a positive impact for you and your favorite local cause.

Earn cash back and support Southport Park Association with every purchase!

It’s our community, let’s Invest In Each Other! 

Where everybody wins!

With "Vigeo" we are not asking you to buy or sell anything.


Vigeo is a convenient and easy way to support Southport Park Association all-year-round simply by making purchases at participating local businesses. When you make purchases and you mention you are part of vigeoXchange, the business gives a portion of your purchase back to the local cause of your choice and YOU the purchaser also receive REAL Cash Back into your Vigeo account.  


Here's how it works…

STEP 1) Click the vigeoXchange                                           to create your FREE vigeoXchange account. Once your account is created you will also receive information from vigeoXchange with more details on all the benefits of the program.


STEP 2) When you are thinking about making a purchase such as going out to lunch or dinner or getting a haircut, or buying a snowblower take a look at the business list where you can find nearly 100 local businesses that are participating in the vigeoXchange community giveback program. vigeoXchange Business List 


STEP 3) Make a purchase at one of the participating businesses and when your checking out provide the phone number you used to create your account.


Congrats you did it! Money for Southport Park Association and Money for you. Everybody wins!

About Us

The Southport Park Association of Kenosha is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic coastal public spaces for the enjoyment of future generations. Your support allows us to continue our legacy of vibrant community parks.

Mailing Address

4623 75th Street #4 Box # 249

Kenosha, WI 53142