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The Southport Park Association of Kenosha is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic coastal public spaces for the enjoyment of future generations. Your support allows us to continue our legacy of vibrant community parks.

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4623 75th Street #4 Box # 249

Kenosha, WI 53142

Phone # 262-705-5722

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Meet The Board

Susan Andrea-Schlenker, President

I grew up in a large family in the Allendale neighborhood of Kenosha.


I’ve worked as a playground director for the Kenosha Parks Department during my summer breaks from college. I spent my junior year abroad, attending Loyola of Rome and traveling throughout Europe which developed my love and appreciation of art, history, and architecture.


After graduating from Marquette University, I headed out East and pursued a career in retail as a buyer for a department store. As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always found strength in my surroundings and eventually was drawn back to Wisconsin to the shores of Lake Michigan.


With a love of nature and an appreciation for historic preservation I started to volunteer at Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum and currently serve on Hawthorn Hollow's Hyslop Board of Directors since 2001.


Over the l8 years since my return to the Midwest, I’ve seen many changes and improvements to my hometown and am very encouraged and inspired by the City of Kenosha's efforts to revitalize the lakefront. I support the city's efforts thru my work with the Southport Park Association and in partnership and in collaboration with the people of Kenosha.


My husband Terry and I live in Allendale. We enjoy bicycling along the lakefront, hiking the sand dunes, and exploring local parks and museums with our 5 grandchildren. We support our local farmers markets, local businesses and local causes, in an effort to help make our community a healthier and more sustainable community.


Linda Sarli, Vice President

I moved to Allendale from Chicago’s, Historic Old Town neighborhood in 2014. My passion for local history, historic homes, art and Lake Michigan, made the move to Kenosha a perfect fit.

I must admit before moving here,I had no idea about the beach house ,its significance and the part it played in the lives of so many of those who were raised here in Kenosha. While running one day in early March of 2014, I came upon the southport beach house I was immediately captivated by its presence. I had an immediate desire to know more about this building. While living in Chicago, I had worked continuously with The Old Town Triangle association to protect our historic buildings, having always been an advocate of restoring /preserving history through the amazing structures of our past.

My love for the Lake Michigan was now joined with the a passion to make a difference in This “Grand Old Lady” The Southport Beach House.

Today I am so grateful for an amazing group of neighborhood friends, I had the opportunity, with a grassroots local group, to establish The Southport Park Association. I continue to be excited about the future of The Southport Beach house. Three years later, I call Kenosha my home.


I am actively involved with my Allendale neighborhood, my church food bank committee, as well as serving as the Treasurer for Kenosha Junior Women’s Club. I enjoy restoring our 1924 stucco home with my husband Jeff. I support numerous animal care associations and endowments, and spend my free time doting over Jenny our 12 year old Long hair Dachshund. 


Lydia Spottswood, Director

Growing up in Alexandria Virginia, I was inspired as I witnessed the power of historic preservation to renew and beautify my home town.  My belief in the value of restoring and protecting America’s cultural and architectural treasures deepened during the years I studied at the University of Virginia.  Later in life, as a member of the Common Council of the City of Kenosha, I chaired the Historic Preservation Committee.  It was a privilege to lead the development of Kenosha’ Historic Preservation Ordinance and the creation of our Historic Preservation Commission.  


I am blessed in the love of my husband Paul, a retired Anesthesiologist, and our wonderful adult children; Mark and his wife Sarah, and our twins Erin and Jayne.  I serve as an elder in the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Kenosha and as a member of the Partnership Commission for the Presbytery of Milwaukee.  I also serve as a Plan Commissioner in the City of Kenosha.  Whenever possible I indulge my love of interior design and time with family and friends, skiing and hiking in America’s magnificent National Parks. 


Mike Foster, Director

My reason for being an SBA board member.


I have always loved the beauty and immensity of Lake Michigan. That’s why I choose to live in Kenosha. I like to walk or ride my bicycle along the lake. On its shore lies the stately Southport beach house, a grand facility in her day.

I was drawn to the plight of the Southport beach house because of its place and our history and its timeless elegance.

The Southport beach house was a WPA project in the 1930’s, a time when United States was going through the Great Depression.  WPA projects allowed many of our citizens to feed their families and to regain their pride. Its place in history touches me in a deeply patriotic way. When I look at the beach house, I see part of our history, I feel it.

As a mechanically inclined person, I have always enjoyed repairing or restoring just about everything from antique furniture to old cars to old houses. And for as long as I can remember, the beach house has been in need of repair. When some concerned citizens formed a group to help with the beach house restoration effort, something within me told me that I had to be part of it. This is my “wheelhouse”.


Leslie McPeek, Director

After years of traveling from the Northshore north on Sheridan road to Kenosha to watch my daughters compete in the  Carthage College tennis matches, I fell in love with Kenosha and all its treasures. My favorite thing to do was stopping at the historic Southport Beach House, unloading my bike and traveling directly north all the way to the college by way of Lake Michigan.

I eventually found my perfect house in Kenosha where I can walk my dogs daily by the beach house.  I wish to eventually begin to watch the upcoming progress on this soon to be Kenosha historic showplace. 

I was asked to become a director and jumped at the chance. These talented directors want to fix it right. I am so excited to be on the ground floor of all the great upcoming projects so that the Southport Beach House will truly become another Kenosha gem.


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