Beach House Restoration

The 2013 Master Plan for Southport Park included recommendations for the rehabilitation of the Southport Beach House, a historic landmark in the City of Kenosha which is listed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. With the support of the Southport Park Association, a phased plan for exterior rehabilitation was proposed by Mayor Antaramian and adopted by the Common Council in the fall of 2018.

Phase 1 improvements were completed in 2019 and phase 2 improvements are currently underway. The Southport Park Association is working with the City of Kenosha to develop plans for ongoing uses of the Beach House upon completion of the exterior improvements. Our Utilization and Design Recommendations include interior layout and design upgrades intended to expand public programming and access on a continuous basis.

Due to ongoing renovations, the Southport Beach House will not be available for rentals through 2022. Southport Beach House
project drawings and Southport Beach House project photos. For questions regarding this project, please contact Public Works at

Southport Beach House Project Drawings
SHPO Engberg Anderson Application
Utilization and Design Recommendations
2019 southport beach house renovations phase 1 budget
2020 southport beach house renovations phase 2 budget

Landscape Improvements

The Southport Park Association developed this proposal for landscape improvements throughout Southport Park.
This plan was adopted by the City of Kenosha Parks Commission in August 2020.